Healing is a process

Healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. You have to allow yourself to start your healing process. It's a process because nothing will change overnight. Healing requires you to be honest with yourself on a level you've never been before. I remember being a kid and getting a nasty cut on my leg. All I wanted to do was put a bandaid on it and keep it covered up every day because it was ugly and didn't look good. One day someone told me that I needed to take the bandaid off and allow the cut to breathe. They said that if I covered it up every day I wouldn't give it a chance to heal. I realized that the wound had to be revealed in order for it to heal properly. You have to remove the bandaids that are covering up those wounds and allow them to start healing no matter how ugly. Something you must remind yourself of is that you are deserving of healing. Maybe your ready but you're not sure where to being. I encourage you to reach out to someone that can assist you on your journey. It can be a Life coach, mentor, or therapist. Just know that you never have to do it alone. My hope is that you allow yourself to heal. Don't compare your process to someone else's. Your journey is unique to you so remember to be gentle with yourself, be patient, and be kind to you. Peace, Love, and Healing.