Quick lil Word

  • Know

    Every opportunity is not your opportunity. Every door that opens is not your door to walk through. Just because it's available to you doesn't mean ...
  • Be patient with yourself

    Go the speed limit. Notice how people who are in a rush get from behind you when driving. They start to speed, jumping from lane to lane only to ge...
  • Discipline

    No discipline is enjoyable while it's happening.
  • Perspective

    Don't let the world's standard of happiness and success be your goal.
  • Healing is a process

    Healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
  • Self-Care

    What is Self-care? How does it look? Self-care is all about looking out for the most important person in your life. You have to take care of yourse...
  • Don't self-destruct

    Don't destroy yourself trying to heal others. 
  • Living

    Focus on what's important and tune out what's not. 
  • It has to go

    Truly Peace, Truly love and Truly happiness.
  • It's not too hot.

    Stay in the kitchen even when it gets hot.
  • In Exchange for Happiness

    Sometimes you have to give up somethings in order to receive others.