About us

Our CEO and Founder Chris Wright. A native of New Orleans created Faithience® in 2016. Faithience® is a apparel company focused on mental well-being, Self-love, Self-care and the love of God. At Faithience® we strive to inspire, encourage, and uplift all while keeping it fun and inviting. We strive to connect with people on a more personal level with our designs. We create what people can relate to in their everyday lives.

Chris has experience in working in mental health as a mentor (not a Therapist) to adults. Working with clients with various mental health issues. His main duties were teaching coping skills, Self-care, self-love and balance. He also works with youth who are trying to find their way in life. Being a mentor to youth has taught him patience and compassion. What Chris has noticed is that we all need guidance and some help along the way.

We are committed to promoting wellness in all of its aspects: physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental.